How To Make Money

If we told you that you could make extra money from the comfort of your own home or business. Would it seem too good to be true? By becoming a trusted Toolbudd Vendor, this is exactly what many people in your city are doing. Toolbudd vendors use our services to complement their current business, start their own business, or just to supplement their current income. We make the process of becoming a trusted vendor simple so you can start making money fast!

Become a Vendor

To become a vendor start by filling out the vendor registration form. Let us know a little bit about what you are trying to accomplish by utilizing Toolbudd, and the types of tools that you want to specialize in renting out. Choose whether you prefer direct debit, or if you prefer Toolbudd to mail you a check. This will complete your registration process, and you are ready to start making money! Simply select a category, upload pictures of your item for rent, set your own price and availability, and your tool will be viewable to potential renters in the area!

Rent Your Tools

When a client selects and pays to rent your tool, you as the Vendor will be notified and able to speak directly with the client through our website. It is between you and the client to set up a time and place to meet for the exchange of the tool. At the end of the rental period, and when the client returns the item to you, both parties will be asked to upload pictures of the tool.

ToolBudd Security

As a vendor, Toolbudd is committed to protecting you and your items. At the time of rental, we will hold an additional security deposit on the client’s payment method. Should a dispute arise, and the tool or item is not returned in the same condition that it was initially rented in, or the item is lost, Toolbudd will investigate and reimburse the vendor for the damages or loss. The reimbursement amount will be based on the fair market value of brand and model of the item which was lost or damaged.

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