Have any questions about ToolBudd’s services? Browse common questions we get from customers below to see if we can answer any you may have.

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What are your service areas?

Toolbudd currently services the Greater Philadelphia region. We are a local platform, however, are quickly expanding and will be available in 15 major cities by the end of 2018.

Do your vendors offer same-day service?

Many of our vendors offer same-day service for renting their tools. Make sure to check the availability of the item before renting.

What if I need the product longer than I thought when I had originally rented?

Frequently, renter’s underestimate the amount of time needed to finish a job. Should you need to rent the tool for longer than your projected amount of time, make sure you consult with your vendor and make sure they are OK with extending the rental. The additional time will be deducted from your security deposit at the end of your rental.

Will the vendor show me how to use the tool before leaving it in my hands?

Vendors are not required to show you how to use a tool before leaving it in your hands, HOWEVER, we always suggest you consult with your vendor beforehand to ensure proper usage of the item. Toolbudd is not responsible for any injuries that occur prior to, during or post rental period.

What if the tool breaks while it is in my possession?

Sometimes the unexpected happens and a renter accidentally breaks a tool. Toolbudd requires that ALL rentals be returned to the Vendors in the same condition prior to rental period. Should a tool break while in your possession, Toolbudd will reimburse the Vendor the fair market value of the tool. This amount will come out of your security deposit. Toolbudd will thoroughly investigate ALL claims.

How do you calculate cost?

The cost of the item being rented is determined by the Vendor.

Do I need to tip the vendor?

Tips using Toolbudd are NOT required, however, if you feel that your Vendor went above and beyond to help you, it is up to you if you want to give them some extra money.

Do I pay cash when they arrive? Or do all payment transfers happen through your website? Simply: How does payment work?

All transactions (excluding any tips) occur through the website. At no point are you required to pay the Vendor cash at the time of rental. We handle everything through the site to protect both the Renters as well as the Vendors.

Do the consumer and vendors speak with each other? Do they go through you?

After you select the item you wish to rent, and you pay for the rental, you will have the ability to speak to the Vendor directly and set up a time/place to meet. We suggest that at the time and place of transfer.

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