Lawn & Garden

Everyone wants to have the perfect lawn and garden. Unfortunately, sometimes certain outdoor jobs require specialty tools to complete that you may not just have to lie around your toolshed. No need to worry, our vendors have you covered! They have tools available to rent for nearly every lawn or garden job you can think of! Whether you are planting a small flower bed, building a fire pit, installing a deck or patio, or any other landscaping project on your to-do list, check Toolbudd for all of your equipment rental needs.

Our vendors offer a wide range of lawn and garden tools including:

Lawn Mowers & Tractors

Weed Wackers & Line Trimmers

Pressure Washers

Leaf Blowers

Chain Saws

Snow Removal

Garden Tools

When you’re ready to begin the rental process, it is between you and the vendor to decide how long you feel comfortable renting the tool for. Most vendors charge a per-day fee for the rental, but some may offer weekly rates if you have a larger job! You should always make sure that the vendor’s availability lines up with the timeframe you are looking to rent the tool.

Larger gardening tools and equipment can be tricky at times, especially if you rent one that you do not use too often. Always operate and handle with caution. If you are unfamiliar or need a brief refresher course, to familiarize yourself with how a tool functions it is in your best interest to speak with the vendor at the time of rental. Toolbudd is not responsible for any injury, and all tools are to be operated at your own risk.

We understand that sometimes mishaps happen. If you break a tool and it is no longer operable, the repair cost will be taken out of your security deposit. We will always verify any claims that arise on the behalf of vendors.

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