Do you have a heavy duty job that you are trying to complete? No need to fret, our Vendors have many tools available suitable for even the largest jobs. Select from the following categories of heavy duty equipment and see what is available for rental today!  At Toolbudd, we understand that some of these heavier duty tools may need longer rental times. Ultimately, it is between you and the local vendors to set up an appropriate rental length. However, we have suggested to our Vendors that these tools be available for extended use.

Air Compressors




Power Tools



We suggest that you discuss with the vendor proper use of any type of construction tool. Tools of this nature can be heavy, cumbersome, and even at times dangerous to the user if he/she is uneducated about proper function and operation. Toolbudd is NOT responsible for any injury that may occur during the time of the rental.

If the equipment malfunctions or breaks while in your possession, immediately contact the Vendor who rented you the item. If he/she is unable to fix the issue or tool, then a portion or all of your security deposit will be retained. We will always verify the actual costs of the subject item.

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