Trying to fix your car and don’t have the right tool? Maybe you repainting your car, and don’t have the proper equipment? No need to worry, we have you covered! At Toolbudd, you can find the right items to help with fixing almost all of your automotive repairs.

Take a look into some of the following categories to see what is available for rent in your area!

Diagnostic Tools

General Mechanic Tools


Lifts & Jacks

Welding Tools

Buffers & Painting Tools

Dent Removal Tools

Specialty Tools

When you’re ready to begin the rental process, it is between you and the vendor to decide how long you feel comfortable renting the tool for. Most vendors charge a per-day fee for the rental, but some may offer weekly rates if you have a larger job! You should always make sure that the vendor’s availability lines up with the timeframe you are looking to rent the tool.

As always, Toolbudd suggests you consult the vendor about proper use of the tools and equipment. Toolbudd is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle before, during, or after the rental period. If the tool breaks while in the renter’s possession, some or all of the security deposit will be retained and returned to the vendor.

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