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What Is ToolBudd?

Founded in 2017, Toolbudd was designed with the purpose of helping people throughout the world save time and money while helping others add additional streams of income to better enjoy their lives! Our inspiration stemmed from when someone came to us with a simple question; “do you know anyone who has this specific tool I need to fix something in my house?” It was in this moment, we at Toolbudd realized that people left in these types of situations have few options. They can opt to go out and pay full price for something that they will rarely use, or they can choose to not finish the task they had set out to accomplish. There must be a better way…

Getting Started

The verification process on the Toolbudd platform is easy. Simply register as a consumer or as a vendor, follow a couple of easy steps, and you are ready to start! As a consumer, you will now have access to all of the inventory in your area, complete with pricing, availability, and the option to rent from these providers. On the Vendor side, you will have the ability to upload your tools, set your own prices, set times when your tools are available to rent, and be allowed to correspond with interested parties to set up a time and place to meet!

Whether you need an item now, or in the near future, Toolbudd works with your schedule by being able to help you coordinate with vendors your scheduling needs!

Currently, Toolbudd is available in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. We are quickly expanding and expect to be in more than 30 major cities by the end of 2018.

Local Tools, Affordable Rentals

Toolbudd acts as a platform connecting consumers with providers. We bring together people who need an item, with individuals in the neighborhood who are willing to lend out that item for a small fee. The advantages for both parties are huge. Consumers are now able to rent out tools, appliances, and other gadgets from individuals local in their community. Why go out and purchase something that you might use once or twice, when you can rent for a fraction of the price? The providers, and individuals offering these products, are able to make a little extra money renting their spare items, which in turn helps them to provide for their families or just simply give them an extra stream of income. People helping people! It’s as simple as that!

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