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Discover the tool you need for your latest project for a fraction of the cost buying it new. Rent from your local community and learn how you can make money by renting your own tools out.

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Looking to make a little side money? Learn how you can rent your tools to others in need.

How many times have you needed a very specific tool for a project, but didn’t have the time or money to buy brand new equipment? At Tool Budd, we are dedicated to saving you both time and money when it comes to renting and lending tools. You can both rent and lend tools from local gearheads like yourself. From garden to automotive tools, is the last website you’ll ever need to go to for tools.

Need a Tool?

See the Benefits of Renting Locally

Find Tools to Rent Locally

Search for local vendors in your area. Break your search down by category, distance, or price. Find the right tool for your latest project without breaking the bank.

Return the Tool When Project Completed

Renting on is easy and simple. Need an extra few days? No problem. Let your vendor know and we will automatically calculate your rental rate. Return the tool to receive your deposit back. Easy!

Have Tools to Rent Out?

See the Benefits of Being a Local Tool Vendor

Make $ for your Unused Tools & Equipment

Earning additional income can be tough. If you have specialized tools or equipment, someone in your local community might have a use for it. Rent out your tools and supplement your income.

Communicate With Your Renter

After your tool has been selected for rent, create a dialogue through our messaging service and pick a time & place to exchange the tools that's comfortable for you both.

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